Insurance Valuations

Having a professional insurance valuation carried out is an excellent way of keeping a detailed record of your valued assets. Our experienced valuers can provide formal written valuations discreetly and expediently giving you peace of mind. We can undertake valuations on single items or complete house contents. 

Our fully illustrated, detailed valuations will be invaluable when either making an insurance claim or helping to recover stolen items. Insurance valuations are normally carried out on a retail replacement basis, although other levels of determining valuation are possible.  Our constant monitoring of the art and antiques market enables our valuers to be sensitive to current market trends.

Our insurance valuation reports are accepted by all leading insurance brokers.

Inheritance Tax Valuations (Probate)

Working with individuals, executors, trusts, or legal representatives, we can provide you with a professional inheritance tax valuation for probate purposes. 

It is likely that you will be asked to obtain an inheritance tax valuation on behalf of a deceased estate in order to complete the probate submission for HMRC. Our experts would usually visit the property and carry out a valuation of the contents. We can highlight any specific bequests in the valuation for ease of identification by the beneficiaries.

Cheffins is ideally placed to assist with the dispersal of the estate. We can arrange for the delivery of bequests and can advise on auction sales for the remaining items. Where a house clearance is your preferred choice we work with a number of house clearance companies and charities and can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. 

Cheffins is represented on HMRC’s valuation fiscal forum to keep us fully updated with changes in legislation.

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