We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and we want to help you do the same, starting with your property.

Our Heritage team can advise on sustainability upgrades in listed and traditional buildings, including assets at Grade II*, holding an ABBE Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings qualification.

Retrofitting historic buildings

Our heritage specialists can help you explore options for the introduction of energy efficiency measures for your building, whether it's a listed building or simply an older, vulnerable building built prior to 1919. We can make recommendations on various energy efficiency measures and upgrades including insulation, secondary and double glazing, solar panels and general maintenance and repairs. Some of these measures will need Listed Building Consent, to find out more information see here.

Improving thermal efficieny in listed buildings

Improving the thermal efficiency of historic buildings can involve a series of measures including: insulation, draught proofing, upgrading heating systems and general repairs to a listed or historic building. 

Historic England advises that a 'whole building approach' is taken. Whilst some of these upgrades can be undertaken without listed building consent, it's best to get advice early in order to understand the best measures to use in your building, taking into account the occupancy, context, signficance and money saving potential. 

We recommend that specialist contractors are used for installing energy efficiency measures. For example, roof, wall and floor insulation will benefit from traditional materials such as sheep's wool or hemp; these are more suitable and effective than modern spray foam alternatives which may cause long-term harm to the building. 

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