There are three types of appeal: Written Representations, Informal Hearings and Public Inquiries. As part of our initial review we will advise you as to the most appropriate form of appeal, chances of success and the costs associated with the appeal.

Don’t be disheartened if your planning application has been refused, this can occur for various reasons and Cheffins will help you appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We’ll ensure that the best and most robust case is presented on your behalf or a revised planning application is submitted.

Sometimes a revised planning application can either address the reasons for refusal or mitigate the reasons for refusing an application.

Appeal a planning decision

A planning application can be refused for a variety of reasons i.e. an issue which cannot be overcome by changes to the application or an objection from a consultee on a technical matter. Sometimes applications are refused as a result of a political decision rather than being based on planning reasons. Sometimes a planning appeal may be appropriate where a local authority takes enforcement action against a development and we can help clients who find themselves in this situation.

Appealing planning conditions

From time to time a condition attached to a planning approval is considered unacceptable and can curtail the activities of an application. For example imposing an hours of operation condition which prevents a business being able to operate within a reasonable timeframe.

Planning appeal costs

Cheffins is committed to ensuring that the right form of appeal is submitted, whilst recognising that in many cases a Written Representation will be the most cost-effective form of appeal and will result in a quicker decision. Written representation appeals will not be appropriate for complex cases. Cheffins can advise you as to what additional evidence or information is required to address reasons for refusal and lend further support to the case. At all times we will advise you as to the work required and the fees involved in rebutting the Council’s Statement of Case.

In some circumstances, if the Council has acted unreasonably or does not defend all of the reasons for refusal it may be possible to submit a claim for costs against the Council.

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