The Asian Art market can be something of an enigma to those who aren’t in the antique collecting world. Values can range wildly from ancient pieces being able to be bought for under £1,000, to some of the rarest of items selling for into the millions. What really matters to collectors of Asian Art is provenance, rarity, condition and of course, authenticity.

At the Fine Sale this month, we have a strong Asian Art section, with opportunities for both the deep-pocketed, serious collector, right through to those looking to start investing in these types of pieces.

Lot 32 - A Chinese famille rose vase, estimate £40,000 - £60,000, available at The Fine Sale 

Of the 195-lot section, the item with the highest estimate is a Chinese famille rose vase (pictured above) from the Jiaqing period (1796 – 1820). Consigned from a private London collection, we expect it to sell for between £40,000 and £60,000. What is special about this piece is XYZ. And from the same source, there is also a Chinese Cizhou-ware wine jar from the Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1386), which has an estimate of £12,000 - £18,000.

Lot 68 - A Khmer sandstone large torso of Buddha, estimate £1,500 - £2,500, available at The Fine Sale

We are also pleased to be selling the second part of the Roger Moss Collection, following on from the first part being sold here at Cheffins in 2020. Roger Moss OBE was a well-known Yorkshire-based businessman and anthropologist. His collection was world-renowned, and he loved to seek out unusual and challenging finds from across China, Japan, India, Tibet and Bhutan. This collection includes rugs, furniture, ancient sculpture and artworks, with both high value items, such as Khmer sandstone torso of Buddha, dating back to the 10th or 11th century, which has an estimate of £1,500 - £2,500, and also more accessible pieces. For example, a beautiful Tibetan lama’s rug, which has an estimate of £200 - £400, and some ancient Chinese Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) greenstone cups, which are set to sell for between £150 - £250.

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