The second batch of pictures from the Hertfordshire County Council collection are set to be sold on Thursday 25th April at the Interiors Sale. 

Comprising lots 1 – 82, this selection includes a number of prints, many of which are at significantly more affordable prices than the first part of the collection. Highlights include a watercolour by Nan Youngman, a painting by Vera Cunningham and a series of signed prints by Ann-Marie Le Quesne. 

Brett Tryner, Associate, comments: “Nan Youngman is an important woman artist and a key figure in art education from the 20th century, who pioneered the Pictures for Schools exhibitions in London, from which Hertfordshire County Council originally acquired many of the works within their collection. Similarly, Vera Cunningham is an interesting 20th century artist, closely connected to both Bernard Meninsky and Sir Matthew Smith who were key figures in the art world at the time. The work by Ann-Marie Le Quesne is also particularly interesting as the bright colours of this 1970s print epitomise the collecting habits of the council around this period, whilst Le Quesne is an American artist who is seeing increased appreciation and popularity within the market. Many of these 1960s and 1970s prints, play a key role in Thursday’s auction and are on offer at affordable estimates. Unlike the first sale which saw some rare pictures achieve premium prices, the works offered in this sale are more reflective of the majority of the Hertfordshire County Council collection, featuring more affordable and readily-available prints. This sale will give a greater chance for Hertfordshire residents and other people associated with the collection the opportunity.”

View the catalogue online now.