Uttlesford District Council has issued a Call of Sites as part of its new Local Plan, providing an opportunity for developers, landowners, individuals and other interested parties to put sites forward for development within the District. As site allocations begin to take shape, these suggested sites will be used to inform the preparation of where development might be agreed.

Claire Shannon, Associate, Cheffins, says:

“The Uttlesford District Council issued its Call for Sites for the next Local Plan on January 15th. This is now the time for any interested parties to suggest their sites to the Council in the hope of being included in the next Local Plan which is due to be adopted in  Summer 2024. With both residential and commercial suggestions welcomed, Uttlesford District Council will be looking for significant numbers of sites for consideration throughout the region. Under the new Local Plan, Uttlesford will need to be able provide at least 1,200 per year, so any strategic, edge of village sites are likely to be particularly of interest. Submissions need to be issued to the Council by April 21st, giving landowners, developers and individuals ample time in which to make their case for potential development.”

Cheffins has a strong track record in making successful Local Plan representations in East Anglia. For anyone looking to put forward land for residential or commercial allocation, or for further information, please contact the Cheffins Planning team on planning@cheffins.co.uk