Cheffins Planning team has successfully lifted an agricultural occupancy condition from a dwelling in Cottenham. The Certificate of Lawfulness confirmed that the house had been in breach of the condition for a period of at least ten years and was therefore immune from enforcement action. Such conditions are relatively common on more remote properties and given the changing nature of the agricultural industry many have been breached for a significant period of time.

An application for a Certificate of Lawfulness is one way of lifting these conditions. This route is dependent on the applicant or occupant providing evidence that they have not been employed in agriculture for at least ten years. Such evidence can take many forms, but typically includes a sworn statement, evidence of occupation (a letter from an employer or payslips etc.) and utility bills confirming continuous occupation for the stated period of time. The removal of such conditions can add significant value to a property and is a worthwhile step if you are looking to move or fully realise your assets.

There are other means to remove an agricultural occupancy condition if the condition has not been breached. This involves active marketing of the property (usually for a period of 12 months) to the agricultural fraternity at a realistic price.

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