Over 900 landowners situated between Bedford and Cambridge will be issued with licence agreements to allow access for carrying out ecology surveys as phase three of the railway begins to progress forward towards development.

Licence agreements are expected to be issued within the next fortnight, the surveys are designed to build up a picture of the ecology along the route corridor which will enable to railway to be built with mitigation measures in place to ensure wildlife and habitats are supported.  As the final route of the railway is yet to be decided, large swathes of countryside along the planned corridor will need to be inspected by East West Rail.

Edward Tabner, Director at Cheffins said: “Landowners ought to seek advice on being issued with the licence agreement to ensure that they are being fairly represented at this critical stage of the East West Rail development as there are bound to be concerns raised over access rights, disruption to business and general inconvenience caused by allowing third parties on to property. Whilst not all landowners who have been issued with a licence for a survey will necessarily be affected by the planned development, this is the first stage in what will most likely end up in a compulsory purchase order for a handful of land and properties along the proposed route.”

For further information, contact Edward Tabner on 01352 654900