Timed online auction of historic Rolls-Royce Griffon engines and extensive selection of associated spares

To include: Engines: Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.58 V12 engine, Rolls-Royce Griffon 5900 V12 engine, Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.101 V12 engine, Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.58 V12 engine powerplant (3), Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.58 V12 engine (zero hours) Also: Shackleton cut-down propellers, contra propellers (boxed set) and extensive spares, to include Rolls-Royce cylinder banks, Rolax starters, magnetos, engine valves, con rods, bearings in original boxed condition etc.

Commences: Thursday 11th November 9.00am
Finishes: Wednesday 17th November 12.00noon
Viewing: Friday 12th November 10.00am - 4.00pm
Preston, Lancashire