Auction sale of well maintained agricultural tractors, harvester, potato growing and grading equipment and machinery

To include: 2017 Grimme Varitron 270 Platinum (956hrs), Tractors: 2018 John Deere 8370R (1,573hrs), 2016 John Deere 6215R (3,903hrs), 2017 New Holland T7.210, 2012 New Holland T7.210, 2011 New Holland T6080, 1988 Ford 6610. Machinery: 2012 Standen T2 harvester, 2017/09 Standen Powavator PV400/200 bed tiller, Baselier FKB530 bed tiller 5.4m, 2020 Scotts Trinity 6000 and 2020 Scotts Trinity 22b topper, Mediema PM20 Structural planter, Baselier FK bed tiller, Monosem 12row drill, Perrot TRV 100/400 (3), TRV 100/460, Briggs R50 boom, Cousins Disc Ridger 6m, 2014 Amazone ZA-TS 4200 fert. spreader, 2010 Amazone KG6000-2 power harrow 6m, Stewart 8tonne low loader, Gull 12tonne trailer (2), 2012 Toyota Tonero 25 forklift, 2013 Manter MD14 XL batch weigher, Agrimech Nemesis bag placer, Agritech Retribution stitching line, Oldenhuis Prinsen PM pallet stacker, Herbert box filler, Jongejen and Williams dust extractor. Also: Herbert conveyors, elevators, spares, wheels and tyres

Thursday 3rd June 2021
Littleport, Cambs