1917 Fowler Haulage Engine Class TE2

No. 14910 Reg. No CT9092 Double Crank Compound 8NHP

The class TE2 was a special haulage and winding engine designed by Fowlers, mainly for military applications. They were very similar to the R3 road locomotive, but carried a small winding drum in place of belly tanks and were generally two speed engines. They were often referred to as Russian Fowlers due to a large order placed by the Russian government in 1917.

No. 14910 was one of a batch of 75 class TE2 engines allocated works number 14908-82, ordered by the Ministry of Munitions in 1917. After the war all the engines along with other classes were sold off cheaply to private buyers as redundant stock, which caused a major slump to the traction engine market in the years to follow. It is not known where number 14910 spent its working life but it is said to have had its winding drum removed before it left Fowlers. However the engine is known to have been with Reynolds of Tickhill, Yorkshire in the late 1940s. Reynolds had a number of big Fowlers and introduced several to the preservation scene. After a period of time in the ownership of Jim Massey, the Fowler was bought by Stuart & David Gray of Cambridge in 1972. It was in their ownership that the major restoration took place which included new boiler barrel, firebox etc by Bricknells. Along with excellent engineer Roger Cheshire a meticulous restoration was carried out. Apart from a short period with the Barrington family in Kent who fitted a set of belly tanks, the Fowler has been carefully dry stored and is still in excellent condition. The Fowler has just been hydraulic tested and comes with a current boiler certificate.

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Ted Wooton



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