We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which we hope you will find useful.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will contact the relevant department and provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

Questions and Answers

If I register to bid at Cambridge Machinery Sales held at Sutton can I use that bidder's registration number to bid at all of your Machinery sales such as those held On Site and Vintage?
Yes, once you have a bidder's registration number issued at one of our Machinery Sales, Modern, On Site or Vintage, you can then bid at any of our machinery sales. Please note however, our Property Auctions and Fine Art and Monthly Antiques and Interiors operate under a separate system and therefore separate registration is required should you wish to bid at any of these sales. 
I would like Cheffins to value my house. Do you charge a fee for valuations?
If you are thinking of selling your house and you would like a valuation, we would be delighted to hear from you. Valuations for the purposes of marketing your property with Cheffins are free of charge. Please contact your local Cheffins office and request a valuation. There is a fee attached for formal valuations.
I have some personal items that I think would sell well at one of your Fine Art or Antiques and Interiors Sales. How do I obtain a valuation for these items and how do I know which is the best sale for my items?
Our Fine Art department is always delighted to hear from clients looking to consign items for one of our sales. We offer informal, verbal valuations free of charge and will advise you which sale is most appropriate for your items. We hold a number of Valuation Days at Clifton House in Cambridge and at our offices around the region. 
I have a property to sell but I'm not sure whether to sell it through one of your estate agency offices or by auction. Which method of sale would be best for me?
Choosing whether to sell your property by the traditional estate agency method or through an auction will ultimately depend on the type of property you are selling. Properties in need of refurbishment or with development potential sell well at auction. Our property experts will be happy to visit your property and advise you accordingly. Property auctions are still unknown territory for many sellers so we have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions specifically for that method of selling which you may find useful. Alternatively please do contact the Property Auctions team or the Estate Agency team.  
Is there a warranty offered with the lots at Machinery sales?
No warranty is offered. All lots are sold strictly as seen. If you are contemplating a purchase of an item of any kind that is outside your personal experience we recommend that you have it examined by a suitably qualified professional prior to bidding. Cheffins will provide a catalogue description of the item to the best of our ability and based upon information supplied by the vendor. You must satisfy yourself as tot he completeness and originality of the lot before bidding. 
How fast will the auctioneer sell?
Cheffins auctioneers will generally aim to sell miscellanous lots at the rate of 100 per hour and vehicles at 35 lots per hour. Please note that this can vary according to various factors and should not be taken as an absolute. 
Are my purchases insured?
At the fall of the hammer the lot(s) become entirely your responsibility. Cheffins strongly recommends that you organise suitable insurance immediately. 
Can I change my mind after I've bought a lot?
No, the contract between buyer and seller is made at the fall of the hammer and you are bound to proceed with the contract. We advise that you bid only if you are absolutely sure it is the lot you want at the price you want.