The Latest on the Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire

Changes to be made to controversial East Cambridgeshire Local Plan during consultation period

The long-awaited draft of the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan was approved by the Full Council on the 16th November and now will be going out to public consultation on the 12th January for a period of six weeks. When the Local Plan was initially released, a number of questions were raised regarding the Council’s preferred allocations for employment and residential uses, particularly with regard to actual level of housing for the region. The draft Plan also includes an important vision for development in the District to 2036 which encompasses infrastructure, employment opportunities and housing and promises to “determine what East Cambridgeshire will look like in the future and how it will become an even better place to live, work and visit.”


Ben Pridgeon, Associate, Cheffins comments:   “This consultation is a key stage in the process leading to the adoption of a Local Plan and will allow developers and landowners to influence the development strategy for the district. Options during the consultation period include; promoting new sites to the Council for residential and employment uses; making further representations to sites already included as draft allocations in the Plan; commenting on the geographical spread of draft residential and employment land allocations across the District and commenting on the wording of draft policies. Since the Plan was released, we have been working with landowners and developers to promote new employment and residential sites to the Council. As part of the forthcoming consultation, we will also challenge the wording of draft policies and the proposed development strategy for the district, where appropriate. In addition to the Local Plan consultation process we have a continuing window of opportunity for submitting speculative planning applications which may be outside established development envelopes. This is another opportunity for landowners and developers to realise value from their assets.”  

The consultation period closes on 22 February 2016.   Local Plan Review can be viewed here and Preferred Site Allocations can be accessed here

For landowners looking to have new sites reviewed and submitted, please contact the Cheffins Planning and Development Team on 01223 271985, or Ben Pridgeon by email.



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