Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire Released

The draft of the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan has just been published and is to be presented to Full Council on 16 November.

The plan is looking to allocate approximately 100 sites for development to assist in achieving the provision of 11,400 homes in the District from 2014 - 2036.

Subject to Full Council approving the draft Local Plan it will be the subject of a six week consultation period from the 10th January until 20th February 2017.

During this period planners will be responding to the draft in order to support sites which have been allocated and challenge those which have been omitted. In addition to commenting on what is proposed in the Local Plan, landowners and other interested parties will have the opportunity to suggest new sites for development (i.e. ones which have not been considered to date).

Jon Jennings, Director, Cheffins Planning and Development comments:

"These are questions as to the actual level of housing being proposed and some strange suggestions as to where it should be allocated. As with the previous plan, it is clear that deliverable sites need to be identified otherwise these allocations will not come forward. The viability of sites needs to be given careful consideration, especially as the community infrastructure levy is applied equally across the district regardless of differing land values between the north and south of East Cambridgeshire.

"The consultation period will allow us to further promote sites which have been included in the draft Local Plan, promote sites which have been excluded and to comment on the overall spatial strategy. We also now have a window of opportunity for submitting speculative planning applications which may be outside the already established frameworks."

Draft Local Plan subject to debate at Full Council meeting, click here to view.

Preferred site allocations can be viewed here.

For landowners looking to have new sites reviewed and submitted, please email Jon Jennings or telephone the Cheffins Planning and Development team on 01223 271985.



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