How the birds and the beasts are taking over Jewellery in March Fine Art

Spring is a time to celebrate the re-emergence of life, the dawn chorus scores our morning routines and green shoots push through hard winter ground. With all of this animation we might find ourselves wanting to express this enthusiasm for life. Luckily in our highly anticipated Fine Art Sale, 7th & 8th March,  we have a jewellery section positively bursting with all things multi limbed.

For those who appreciate the four legged friends of the fields there is a collection of truly charming charms in gold, including a perfectly formed pheasant, a leaping hare, and these three little pigs in 14ct:

Or this delicate fox charm with his gleaming eyes, as well as a 15ct neat whiskered pin:

When we take our creatures smaller scale it doesn’t mean we will be missing out on craftsmanship. Insects in jewellery are experiencing their own resurgence of late and in time with spring fever we have some exquisite examples of jewel encrusted bugs. We are particularly enamoured with this brooch of a spider closing in on his prey. Both the fly and the spider have rubies for eyes and bodies picked out in sapphires and diamonds, making for sparkling high drama in miniature.

If however you are a fan of neither fur nor wings then we have a couple of scaled wonders including this sinuous gold snake fashioned as a bracelet with red hardstone eyes and head crowned with a garnet and diamond.

Whatever your preference there will be a shining critter for you on 7th March.

For all Jewellery enquiries contact Caro Flower, or call 01223 213343




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