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Helen König Scavini (1886-1974) & Mario Sturani (1906-1978) for Lenci, a rare 'Nudo Sul Mondo' earthenware figure, modelled as a young female nude seated beside a small dog on top of a globe, signed to the underside 'Lenci, Torino, 9-1936-XIV, Made in Italy' 50cm (20in)
Literature: Similar example illustrated: Lenci, Archivi di Arti Decorative, Torino, 1992, p. 204, fig. 607 Other Notes: A similar example was sold at Christie's Design Sale, London, 3 November 2015, Lot 148, sold for £20,000 The Italian brand Lenci was founded in 1919 in Turin by Enrico Scavini and his wife, Helen Konig - originally making beautifully crafted felt dolls. After successfully exhibiting the dolls across Europe in the early 1920's, an increase in competition from cheaper manufacturers soon saw sales decline. The company then diversified into ceramics, unveiling their stylish figures at the International exhibition in Turin, 1928 to favourable reviews. The studio then began to collaborate with notable artists and sculptors, including Sandro Vecchietti, Giovanni Grande and Mario Sturani. Lenci ceramic figurines embody the Art Deco style of the time; many were designed by Helen Konig herself, effortlessly capturing the sensuality of the female form while evoking the fashions published in Vogue magazine. Nudity was extremely popular during the 1920's & 1930's and Konig's nude creations were especially successful. Lenci studio designers began incorporating the nudes into their designs in an array of different poses, but all retaining the slender, feminine physique typical of Konig's figurines and of the era.
In very good condition.

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