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seated on a high double lotus plinth, with engraved base plate, 7.9cm highFootnote: The Chinese Buddhist statuary and associated collection was acquired by C Roger Moss OBE in Hong Kong during the period 1980 to 2003. All items were officially exported from Hong Kong by shippers and handlers recommended and approved by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation of Hong Kong on 10th May 2003, with full documentation. Itemised inspection certificates - dated 24th February, 16th and 23rd April and 7th May 2003 (report No 0254/03) by J & H Surveying Co Ltd, Marine Surveyors - number and detail the items exported. A copy is available at Cheffins’ offices. The shipment arrived in Felixstowe, UK on 29th May 2003 and was received for transhipment by Redfern International Logistics of Leeds, recorded in their sales invoice no. IDSI2926, which details fees paid for the appropriate Sea Import Customs and Sea Import Documentation. The dating of Chinese sculpture is notoriously difficult and all such references in this catalogue are based entirely upon style and should not be relied on as a statement of fact. 1980年至2003年期间,C Roger Moss OBE在香港购买了中国佛教佛像及相关藏品。所有物品均由香港地下铁路公司于2003年5月10日推荐并批准的托运和装卸机构从香港正式出口,并附有完整的单据。逐项检验证书-由海洋测量师J&H Surveying Co Ltd于2003年2月24日,4月16日,23日和5月7日签发(报告号0254/03),对出口的物品进行编号和详细说明。您可以在Cheffins拍卖行获取一份副本。这批货物于2003年5月29日到达英国费利克斯托,并被利兹的Redfern International Logistics转运,记录在其销售发票中- IDSI2926,其中详细囊括了这次海关进口细节和相关文件的支付费用。众所周知,我们很难判定中国雕塑的历史时期,本目录中的所有相关参考文献均取决于它们的风格,因此买家不应作为事实陈述。

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