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the marquise shaped painting depicting a blue eye under a delicately arched brow, glazed and rubover set, closed back with engraving 'Ann Mardon 1792', head dimensions 30 x 17mm, tapered shoulders, flat shank, size O½, unmarked rose coloured metal, tested as 15ct gold, weight 6g

Footnote: Lover's eyes were the mood jewellery of the late 1700s and early 1800s. The miniatures were popularised by a scandalous affair between the Prince of Wales, later crowned King George IV of England, and a widowed commoner named Maria Fitzherbert. Despite disapproval from the court, the two wed in secret and in 1785, commissioned portraits of their eyes as discreet and intimate tokens of affection. Once their story leaked to the public, however, lover’s eyes became en vogue and would be worn to remind the wearer of their absent lover or a lost loved one.

Condition report: In overall very good condition. Very minor dust particles under glass. Painting is fresh with colours and detail very good.

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