Environmental Assessments

Planning applications for larger development projects may be required by Regulation to be accompanied by a formal Environmental Statement, reporting the findings of an assessment of the likely impacts of the project on the environment.

These complex documents cover a range of issues such as the impact on the landscape, ecology, noise and air quality. Demonstrating that environmental impacts have been taken into account and that any adverse impacts can be properly mitigated will help to secure development consents. The Cheffins Planning team can advise on:

  • Environmental Assessment (Screening Opinion)

  • Determine the scope of the EA with the Local Planning Authority (Scoping Opinion)

  • Assemble the assessment team of specialist consultants

  • Manage the Environmental Assessment process

  • Advise on mitigations measures to overcome impacts identified

  • Review and co-ordinate the publication of the ES

  • Input into the legal review of the ES to ensure that it is legally compliant thereby reducing the risk of challenge