Lot 251 - Walsh & Clark 'Victoria' 2cylinder oil traction engine Ma..

This is an archived lot from a sale held in August of 2011.
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Details: Walsh & Clark 'Victoria' 2cylinder oil traction engine
Manufacturered by Walsh and Clark Ltd, Guiseley, Leeds
Engine No. unknown
Reg. No. GV 9715
Affectionately known as 'Old Joe', this particular Walsh and Clark has the distinction of never having been fitted with the underslung cable ploughing drum. Peter Fordham purchased the tractor from Robert Miles in 1990 having previously been used by the well known firm of local drainage contractors G Miles & Son of Great Ashfield, Suffolk. Of the entire production run of 25 Walsh & Clark 'Victoria' engines, no less than 15 were owned by G Miles & Son. 'Old Joe' was used as a utility tractor and for threshing work rather than working as a pair for ploughing or cultivation work. With a power unit of a 4stroke petrol/paraffin engine and with the styling of a steam engine the 'boiler' was used as a fuel tank with capacity for four days work between re-fills. The horizontal twin engine produced 22hp at the cable drum and the makers claimed a towing capacity of 8tons at 4.5mph! A very rare example in good original condition. This unique example was running and driving on inspection under the experienced hand of Mark Armstrong.

Result: £66000