Collectors' Items

This section covers a wide range of disciplines and is for works of art that are unique and not idiosyncratic of our other sales.

From time to time, items come along that are quite exceptional in quality and individuality. In the past our Collectors' Items department has sold a fine pair of George III Royal flintlock pistols by Etherington and Crossley circa 1810, for £37,000; an Indian marquetried ebony chess and games board which sold for £16,000 and an early 19th century painted wood ship's figure head which sold for £9,000.

If you think you have an item of rarity, exclusivity or peculiarity, that could be an intriguing part of our Collectors' Items range we would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here to contact Martin Millard.

Collectors Items

Martin Millard, Cheffins

Martin Millard

Director, Fine Art, ASFAV

Fine Art


Tel: 01223 271983



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