Browsing our Fine Art catalogues is a great way to discover more about what’s coming up in future sales. Of course once the sale is on view, visit our salerooms to see what’s on offer for yourself, viewing times for each sale are displayed alongside the catalogue pages.

Descriptions & Estimates

All lots have a description covering the basic information, along with an estimate, these can be based on prices recently paid at auction for comparable property, but will also take into account rarity, condition, quality and provenance. The reserve is the price below which a lot will not sell. Since it is confidential it is not published in the catalogue, but the reserve will never exceed the low estimate. Estimates do not include Buyer’s Premium or VAT (where applicable). 

Naturally, our cataloguing will often contain subject specific vocabulary and paintings, in particular, will often use certain terminology, below is a guide to these terms:

  • 'Attributed to...' - in our opinion probably a work by the artist in whole or in part
  • 'Studio of...' - in our opinion a work executed in the studio of
  • 'Workshop of...' workshop of the artist, possibly under his supervision
  • 'Circle of...' - in our opinion a work of the period of the artist and showing his influence
  • 'Follower of...' - in our opinion a work executed in the artist's style but not necessarily by a pupil
  • 'Manner of...' - in our opinion a work executed in the artist's style but of a later date
  • 'After...' - in our opinion a copy (of any date) of a work of the artist
  • 'Signed...', 'Dated...', 'Inscribed...' - in our opinion the work has been signed/ dated/ inscribed by the artist - the addition of a question mark indicates an element of doubt
  • 'With signature...', 'With date...',
  • 'With inscription...' - in our opinion the signature/ date/ inscription is by a hand other than that of the artist

For prospective buyers of gemstones and jewellery, we also draw your attention to the following important Notice regarding the Treatment and Condition of Gemstones

Gemstones are often treated to enhance their colour and improve their appearance. They may be heated or treated by oil or resin to intensify colour and transparency. Other techniques such as dyeing, irradiation, coating and impregnation may also be used. Be aware that unless the catalogue description specifically states that the stone is natural, we have assumed that any treatment may not be permanent and that special care of the stone may be needed in the future.

Condition Reports

All lots are sold “as seen”, however, as a guide, condition reports are available on request. These supplement the catalogue description and provide guidance on a lot’s condition.  The absence of a condition report in our online catalogue does not necessarily imply that a lot is in good condition.  Where possible, buyers are encouraged to view lots in person and satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and condition of lots.

To request a condition report on any given lot, simply click the ‘Enquiry’ button on the catalogue page, or email


Sometimes, lots in the catalogue will be accompanied by a symbol which can indicate a variety of things, such as droit de suite, VAT being applicable on top of the hammer price or be a reference to a particular collection within the sale.

Lots marked with an asterisk (*) are subject to VAT on the hammer price.

Lots where Droit de Suite may be payable are indicated by a §.

Droit de Suite Explained

Droit de Suite is a royalty payable to a qualifying artist or the artist's heirs each time a work is re-sold during the artist's lifetime and for a period up to 70 years following the artist's death.  Royalties are calculated using a sliding scale of percentages of the sale price, but are only imposed upon items selling for in excess of 1,000 Euros (converted at the current rate of exchange on the day of the sale).

Royalties are charged as follows, but are limited to 12,500 Euros:

4% Up to €50,000
3% €50,000.01 - 200,000
1% €200,000.01 - 350,000

For example, if a painting sells for £1,500 (hammer price), it will be subject to the usual Buyer's Premium (27% including VAT) and an additional charge of £60 as the royalty rate being 4% of £1,500.

For more information please contact the office. Alternatively visit the following website for more information



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