How to Bid

Bidding at auction has never been easier. Whether you are able to attend the sale in person or are unable to make it, there are equally straight forward ways to be involved. Below is a guide on how to bid according to your needs.

Please note important information below

  • Cheffins are not responsible for any errors made or bids missed. You may be asked to provide suitable ID.
  • Bids must be received 24 hours before the night preceding the sale, thereafter bids cannot be guaranteed. Where identical bids are received for a lot the earlier takes precedence.
  • Bidding increments will be rounded to the nearest amount consistent with the auctioneers bidding increment.

Option 1: Bidding in the Saleroom

If you are able to attend the sale, Cheffins operate a buyer bid number system. Therefore, purchasers are requested to attend at Reception prior to the commencement of the sale so that full details of their name, address, bankers and other relevant information may be recorded. You may also be required to provide photo ID and proof of address. Alternatively download a copy of the form by clicking on the tab below. Once you have filled it in you will be given a paddle number with which to bid.

Download registration form

During the sale simply raise your hand to alert the auctioneer that you wish to bid and if you are successful he will ask to see your paddle number which he will write down on the auctioneer's book in order to register that you are the highest bidder.

Please note: the saleroom gets extremely busy so please make yourself seen or heard in the room so as not to miss out on bidding.

Failure to obtain a buyers' bid card may result in the Auctioneer refusing to accept your bid.

Option 2: Commission Bidding

A commission/absentee bid is a figure left with the auctioneers by the interested party on the premise that we will bid on their behalf in their absence. We will only bid up to wherever the bidding stops in the room for any given item.

You can register your commission bid in the following ways:

*Please note you require a separate account for online bidding and commission bidding.

All bids will be acknowledged by email.

Option 3: Telephone Bidding

Telephone bidding is ideal for those who wish to follow the bidding in the saleroom without being there themselves. One of our bidding clerks will ring you and take you through what is happening in the saleroom and then invite you to bid at the appropriate time. You are welcome to register for a telephone bid whether at home or abroad, the only stipulation being that you are willing to pay at least the top estimate price. Telephone bidding facilities are offered as a courtesy on high value lots and are constrained by a limited number of lines.

We cannot however guarantee that circumstances will allow successful communication to be established therefore we highly recommend that you offer both a landline telephone number as well as a mobile number to ensure we are able to contact you. We urge potential bidders to leave commission bids as covering bids where possible and we do not accept responsibility for failed connections (for any reason).

Download telephone bidding request form
Telephone bids are accepted at our discretion.

All bids will be acknowledged by email.

*Please be advised that all telephone bids are recorded.

Option 4: Online Bidding

Click here to bid with the-saleroom (Available for all sales)

 Click here to bid with Cheffins (Available for specialist sales only)


If you're interested in online bidding but are unsure where to begin then please call 01223 213343 or e-mail and we will be happy to help.

*Please note you require a separate account for online bidding and commission bidding.

 Bid Now Pic


Click here if you would like to watch the sale once the sale has started without bidding.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.



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